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Businesses want to earn your continued patronage. Stay connected with everything from the latest in entertainment venues to new cost saving offerings that are of interest to you. Download your favorites mobi-sites, or simply scan it into your Smartphone. Our directory has a growing list of members you can scan right from your computer. With every update on their venue, you will have immediate access on your Smartphone. Did you know that you could also scan the business’ mobi site from their QWiKcode in their establishment?

Print discount coupons

So you don’t have a Smartphone, or you just want to see the latest deals? No worries. Simply go to our “Discounts” tab and you can print any of the coupons. There is no minimum number of people who have to sign up to take advantage, just print and save! Some businesses require a printed coupon, while other will accept their coupon right off your phone. Check for the “Q” on the coupon (for QWiKspot) for businesses that accept Smartphone deals. Get discount coupons, special event invitations, and more.

Special deals of the day

DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE PAGE Need a better website? QWiKspot pages are dynamic, colorful, and it uses the latest technology in web design!
MOBI WEBSITE Every QWIKspot page comes with a full customized mobi website, that can be accessed by scanning QWiKcodes or by URL.
EASY TO USE CONTROL PANEL Update your entire QWiKspot page, and mobi website from one place. Easy to use, and share with dozens of social sites.

Share with the world!

QWIKspot gives you the ability to write once and publish everywhere on all of the social media links you are connected with. You can also share your You Tube links via QWIKspot with the rest of the world. Now you can get your message out to more people, more often, and with less time.

Reach your customers, anytime!

Do you have something you want to share with everyone now? Just booked some hot entertainment or have a great deal you want to market? With QWIKspot you can create compelling specials and do it even from your Smartphone while on the go.

Your own web app!

The cost of having a basic App for either the iPhone or the Android is cost prohibitive for most businesses. For less than the cost of just one App, you get a web app for any mobile phone, that you can update yourself as often as you like for free!

Pictures and videos

A picture is worth 10,000 words and a video is priceless. Upload as many photos to your site as you wish and access them for any messages you publish. Upload your videos to your QWIKspot page and share with the world.

Special offers and coupons

Is your coupon promotion costing you more then your return on investment? Cut out the middle man and create compelling coupons and specials to attract new customers, and you keep the profits!

QWiKspot for your business

What is QWIKspot?

The world has gone mobile and now you can take advantage of great deals offered to you by local businesses. Want to know who is offering music this weekend at your local watering hole, or want to be notified of great savings that are being offered? 

QWIKspot provides the portals to keep you in touch with the best values close to you, automatically and on your Smartphone. All downloads of apps from local businesses are free to you the end user. All you do is take advantage of the specials promotions being offered. You control from  whom you want to receive notifications because only QWIKcodes you scan will be sent to you and you can turn each one on and off whenever you like.

Stay tuned to our QWIKspot home page and download all the featured QWIKcodes or just pick the ones you like. Share with your friends and let them in on the deals as well. It's a whole new way of connecting. - All rights reserved.   QWIKspot is a service provided by